Tinubu Deceived Nigerians About Removal Of Fuel Subsidy – Wale Edun Says

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Wale Edun, Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, has admitted that the government is still paying for fuel subsidies. This is surprising because President Tinubu announced last year that the subsidy was removed. This announcement led to higher fuel prices for everyone.

Despite Tinubu’s promise, the government is now spending even more money on subsidies than before. In 2023, the government spent N3.6 trillion on subsidies, and in 2024, they are expected to spend N5.4 trillion.

These details were found in a report called the Accelerated Stabilization and Advancement Plan (ASAP), which was presented to President Tinubu by Minister Edun on Tuesday.

This situation is confusing and upsetting for many people. Tinubu had said that removing the subsidy would help save money for other important things, like building roads and schools. But it turns out that the government is still spending a lot on subsidies, even more than in previous years……Çheck More

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