Yorubas Are Not The Only Trib In The World That Prostrate To Greet, See Other Tribes That Prostrate Too

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In many cultures, prostrating is a sign of respect for elders.

Kneeling to greet [Guardiannigeria]
Kneeling to greet [Guardiannigeria]

When Yorubas ethnic group bow or prostrate to greet, some people may think they are doing too much, but they are not the only ones who practice this form of greeting.

Respect is a key aspect of Yoruba culture. Prostrating to greet is called Idobale and it means “meet the earth”. It is seen as a sign of humility. Men greet older people with bows, while women kneel.

Yoruba culture also emphasises respect in greeting and conversation, using pronouns like “e” for older people and “o” for friends of the same age.

Japanese culture emphasises respect and social ranks through a traditional bowing gesture, referred to as ojigi. This involves bowing 15–30 degrees, often kneeling or standing. The bowing can be categorised into zarei (bowing while kneeling) and ritsurei (bowing while standing). Failure to bow at the waist and keep the back straight is considered a sign of laziness, cunniness, or disrespect.

Prostrating in Korea culture [Korea.net]
Prostrating in Korea culture [Korea.net]

South Korea’s Confucian tradition values respect for seniority based on age, family position, or job. Men greet older people with bows or prostrations, while women kneel.

This respect is deeply ingrained in Korean culture, including manners of speaking, greeting, eating, drinking, and smoking. For instance, you ought to put out your cigarette if an older person walks by.

Bowing is not as common as in Japan or Korea, but it is a way to show respect and honor. It can be used simultaneously for greeting ancestors at the family altar or when one is given lucky money from elders during the Tet holiday.

In ancient Hawaii, kapu moe was a form of prostration where all members prostrated in of front of a nīʻaupiʻo or piʻo chief, with the exception of naha and wohi chiefs who had to sit in their presence…..See More

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