4 Daring Missions Where Helicopters Saved People from Jaws of Death

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A helicopter rescuing a truck driver who was trapped inside a lorry. [Photo: Courtesy]

A five-year-old boy named Mutuku Kioko was on 24 April 2024 rescued by the National Police Service.

The rainy season is upon us and just like in previous years, some areas have been hit by heavy rains leading to the destruction of property and loss of lives in some cases.

Like every other rainy season, the rains tend to come with some negative elements, for instance, rivers breaking their banks or roads becoming impassable.

These impacts have seen some Kenyans get trapped in dire situations that forced relevant agencies to explore daring mechanisms such as choppers.

In this article, we outline five daring missions where choppers were used to save Kenyans trapped in dire situations:

Galana Kulalu Truck Driver

A truck driver trapped inside a lorry transporting fuel was rescued by a team from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, in what can be termed as one of the most daring rescue missions in the country.

The man, whose tanker was swept and turned sideways by the floodwaters, clung on top of the tanker, hoping that rescue would come his way.

After hours of waiting, a chopper from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came to his aid and rescued him.

A helicopter rescued a truck driver who was trapped inside a lorry

8 Rescued from Floods in Samburu

Eight people were rescued after floods swept their lorry in Samburu East.

According to the area police, the lorry driver lost control while attempting to cross a flooded river.

The floodwaters tipped the lorry over, prompting the eight to sit on its side as they hoped for rescue.

A helicopter rescuing 8 passengers trapped in a lorry.

Luckily, a chopper from Olmalo ranch came to their rescue and they were all saved from the dangerous situation.

Media reports indicate that the lorry was swept away after the last person was rescued.

Pregnant Woman Rescued in Stuck Ambulance

In November 2023, a pregnant woman in Isiolo County was rescued by a helicopter after an ambulance that was ferrying her to a medical facility got stuck in the mud.

Responding to a distress call from the medical personnel, the county government reached out to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, who provided a helicopter that swung into action and rescued the lady.

A helicopter rescuing a pregnant lady in Samburu. 

5-Year-Old Boy Rescued by Police Chopper in Yatta

A five-year-old boy named Mutuku Kioko was on 24 April 2024 rescued by the National Police Service using a helicopter after he was trapped by floods in Yatta sub-county.

The boy was rescued by the police after several unsuccessful rescue attempts by other responders such as the Kenya Red Cross.

According to the police, Mutuku was trapped after being left behind by his father. Unfortunately, the water levels rose and made the area inaccessible.

It is then that word got to Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi who then made a distress call to the Inspector General of Police.

Police and young boy after he was rescued in Yatta. 

“NPS pilots under Captain Chief Inspector Evans Okoth, First Officer Captain Chief Inspector Loise Wangui and Flight Engineer Mr. Bernard Orimba, Superintendent of Police responded to the emergency in the flight from Wilson Airport and rescued the baby who had been left behind by his father Martin Kioko when the water level started rising. The baby has been safely reunited with his family,” NPS said in a statement…..S££ MOR£

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