Today Is My Last Day On Earth, I Want To Join My Parents In Heaven” Man’s Last Words Before Suicide

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Death is a respecter of no man and an inevitable event.

It’s sad to come across the death of a 22 year old, fourth year student at University Of Nairobi

However as reported by The Standard Digital, before Wilson Ombacho met his fateful day, he was with his friends and they bought some foods and drinks to celebrate together

According to friends as reported by Standard Digital, Wilson foresee his death as he kept on saying that that day was his last day on Earth, he kept on asking his friends to have foods on his bill as he knew that was his last day.

While police are yet to determine whether the man was a terrorist or not, his pictures have gone viral on social media.

Bloggers in Tanzania have shared the pictures on different social media pages. A section of Tanzanians has also started making memes using the photos of the man.

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