In Photos: Meet A Lady Who Married A Tree And Reason Behind It

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People that grow attached to inanimate objects courageously assert that they feel at peace with them. Some find it amazing, great, and often pleasant and repulsive while others see it oppositely. They think those who say they have feelings for objects other than human beings are possessed or is out of the mind.

Here is 38-year-old Kate Cunningham from Sefton, Merseyside, who wed a big tree that was in the town of Remorse Valley region. This middle-aged lady from Britain who has two grown-up children changed her username to Elder after hooking up with the ancient tree.

She declared that the tree is so dear to her that she has no intention of divorcing it at this time or anytime soon. She usually celebrates their wedding anniversary every year. She joyously said that marrying the tree was one of the good things that have ever happened in her life.

Despite being subjected to ridicule and insult for marrying a tree, she vowed to put the tree first in whatever she did. This environmental conservation activist said that it has affected her children physiologically but she insists that she is comfortable and happy with her choice.

She wed it to prevent authority from building a bypass through her neighborhood park. The local government would not have cut down her husband. Court eventually stop the construction of a road through the park. She described the tree as a part of her family and said the relationship between them had a great influence on her life………S££ MOR£

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