3 Questions To Ask Yourself After A Quarrel With Your Partner

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No relationship is perfect, they are always up and down. Sometimes we have issues or misunderstanding with our partner because of the lack of understanding. But there are some things you can do to avoid quarrels and fights in your relationships.

After having a misunderstanding or quarrels with your partner, here are 3 questions you have to ask yourself. This will help you manage the issues in your relationship in case you face such issues again:

1. Was It Worth It?

Nobody likes to quarrel or suffer emotional pains in a relationship because it drains you physically, emotionally and mentally and might also make you sad or unhappy at that period of time. But after getting into a fight or a quarrel with your partner, ask yourself whether it is worth fighting. If you can answer this deep question, you will be able to fix things at the moment. There are some little things in a relationship that aren’t supposed to lead to a fight or quarrel, but because of what you hear or the state of your emotions, you react to the issues on the ground in a very negative way, causing more damage and pain in your relationship.

Once you ask yourself this question, is it worth fighting? You will be able to fix anything on the ground at that moment.

2. I am Selfish.

Many fights and quarrels in today’s relationship are caused by selfishness, putting yourself first before any other person.

When both partners start thinking of themselves alone and want things to go the way that will only benefit them, it might lead to a quarrel or misunderstanding in your relationship. Before you react to things in a relationship, put yourself in that person’s shoes.

Ask yourself this question: if my partner treats me like this, will I be happy or sad? Many causes of relationship issues or drama are caused by selfish desires.

3. How Do I Handle The Situation Next Time?

Remember, there are always better ways to handle relationship crises in gentle and matured ways. You do not have to turn every little misunderstanding with your partner into a war. There are always better words to say or respond to things. Not every misunderstanding should lead to a quarrel or fight. You always have a better choice to consider than fighting with your partner.

Don’t let quarrel and misunderstanding destroy your relationship, learn from your mistakes, it will help you to choose a wise option and next steps to take in case some issues occur again.

If you can ask yourself these 3 questions, you will hardly fight or quarrel with your partner; instead, you will find an easy way to solve your issues peacefully when such things arise between you and your partner without fighting or quarreling…..S££ MOR£

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