6 Lessons To Learn From David’s Victory Over Goliath

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1. He listens attentively to Goliath’s threat. David had just arrived in the camp where his brothers were abiding with other soldiers when the giant and champion of the Philistines came out to defy the armies of God, and just as James 1:19 advised, he was swift to hear and slow to speak, he carefully listens to the threats issued by Goliath (1Samuel 17:`23)

Lesson: No matter the situation or challenges we are faced with most especially when it is as a result of our enemies issuing out threats, we must pay more attention to listen to what they are saying rather than being swift and in haste to respond to them. This is because by speaking too many words, they will stumble and sin, and that will give you an edge over them.

2. He reacts positively to the situation. While the rest of the soldiers including King Saul were very afraid after hearing Goliath’s threat, David asked to know what kind of reward will be given to anyone who can defeat the enemy, and in his reaction, he questions the authority of the enemy to have defied the armies of God and called him an uncircumcised person.

Lesson: Instead of demonstrating our fears, we should learn to react positively to every challenge that confronts us and find out the reward that comes from overcoming our hurdles in life, and as well as question every enemy behind any misfortune or challenge with the mindset to fight and overcome them.

3. He loved his neighbours by staking his life on the line. David can’t stand an enemy as Goliath issuing such threats against his brethren who at that time need someone to fight the enemy and bail them out. He called the enemy uncircumcised because all he can do is to hate and doesn’t show love, but according to Deuteronomy 30:6, only those whose hearts have been circumcised by God can love him, and as 1John 4:20 puts it, you can only prove to love God by loving the man that you can see.

Lesson: We must prove that we are circumcised (Romans 2:29) and are also children of God by loving our neighbours, ever ready to help them in times of need.

4. He sought the counsel of God. Before David went into the battle with Goliath, although he was given the armour of King Saul but couldn’t find it helpful because he has not tested it. By going rather choose five sharp stones from the brook to use with his slings shows that he was counselled by the Spirit of God to do that, and Proverbs 24:6 lets us know that it’s only by wise counsel one can make war and obtain victory.

Lesson: Like David, we must go to God always and ask for his wise counsel, we must develop a good relationship with the Holy Spirit and obtain wise counsel from him to obtain victory over our enemies and as well overcome our challenges.

5. He declared his testimony by sharing his former achievements. When brought before King Saul and was told that he couldn’t fight the enemy because he lacked experience, David declared the testimony of how the Lord delivered him out of the mouth of the lion and the bear that had attacked his father’s sheep and also helped him to kill the lion and the bear, adding that the Lord who did that for him can deliver him out of the hand of Goliath. He believed that with God’s help, he will overcome his enemy, just like Paul said he could do all things through Christ that strengthens him (Philippians 4:13).

Lesson: We must learn to always remember the testimony of the victories and achievements that God has given to us and believe in his ability to strengthen us and also to do more for us.

6. He exercises his faith in the name of the Lord and demonstrated boldness when faced with the enemy. On the battleground, when he was cursed by the enemy with threats to have his head given to the fowls of the air, David responded by faith with boldness and declared his victory over his enemy, adding that he would give Goliath’s body to the birds to eat.

Lesson: According to 2Timothy 1:7, we have not been given the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and also of a sound mind. So we must be courageous enough to face our challenges or the enemy and like David be sound in mind trusting in the power of the Lord, his name and his love for us to give us victory (Proverbs 18:10)…..S££ MOR£

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