After The Age Of 50 And 60, It Is Time To Stop Doing These 8 Things

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The ancients said: “At forty there is no doubt, at fifty-one knows the destiny, and at sixty-one is obedient”

After entering middle age and old age, I just want to do ordinary things with an ordinary heart. This article is a letter written by an old man to himself. All the words are homely, simple, and meaningful, but every sentence comes to mind.

Be sure to read it all.

Every point is very simple and specific, it is recommended to keep it well, it is very useful for every middle-aged and elderly friend!

Stop Thinking About The Past

The childhood and youth of our generation have more or less suffered more than the young people of today.

Fortunately, life is getting better and better now, and I can have some spare money and leisure time to do what I like.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly friends should not blindly immerse themselves in the memories of the past, but look forward positively and optimistically, and live the most golden twenty years of life!

Stop Being Angry

When we were young, we were somewhat tempered, especially when children were disobedient, and we would inevitably scold or even beat them.

However, now that the children have grown up and have their own ideas, we can no longer be like before.

We can use our accumulated experience and wisdom to provide references to our children and maintain a loving and humorous attitude. We should not nag or get angry because our children do not accept our opinions, so as not to cause tension in the relationship between the two generations.

Stop Complaining

As the saying goes: Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite. When everyone has troubles, sometimes they want to talk to others. This is understandable, but pay attention to the frequency of complaints.

If your friend always complains about the same thing as you and conveys negative energy every day, I believe you will not like such a friend.

Stop Wasting Time

Time flies, and with a flick of a finger, we have all entered the ranks of middle-aged and elderly people. Time waits for no one, and we have no chance to waste time.

Do what you want, buy what you want, eat what you want, and don’t say “wait later”, “wait for time”, or “wait for a few days!” You can wait for time, but time Never waits for you! So stop treating yourself badly.

Stop Being Alone

Whether you live with your children or with your wife, you must be independent in spirit and don’t live around a few people in your family all day long.

The elderly should “go out of the house” more, have their own circle of friends, and have several hobbies of interest so that their lives can be richer.

Stop Meddling

One of the tricks of being an old man is to turn a blind eye to certain things and let the past pass.

Don’t focus on yourself in everything, give your children a certain living space, and don’t interfere with their lives.

When it comes to the education of grandchildren, middle-aged and elderly people must not claim to be “experienced”. They should understand who the children’s parents are and try to bring up the children according to the parent’s point of view.

Stop Nagging

Health, marriage, work, etc. are the topics that middle-aged and elderly people like to communicate with their children most, while young people are most disgusted by middle-aged and elderly people who repeatedly tell them one thing.

So stop nagging, some things, the children know in their hearts, and they have their own score, so let’s stop talking about it all the time.

Stop Saving

Middle-aged and elderly friends might as well stop saving money! The money in the passbook is just a number. After working hard all our lives, we really need to treat ourselves better.…S££ MOR£

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