The Original Name of “River Niger” To The Igbos, Centuries Before “Mungo Park” Said He Discovered It

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Mungo Park discovered River Niger for the Europeans, not for the Igbos who lived around the river centuries before they came, not for the fishermen who fished on the river, paddling the canoe and casting nets into the river to draw more fish and not for the farmers who grew vegetables around the river.

What we call River Niger now was originally known by the natives as “Olimili Ọgbarụ”. You know that Olimili is a dialectal variation of “Osimiri”, meaning river.

This is Mungo Park. These guys just used Africa to make names. He is a European explorer, yes. Will he swear with “Amadịọha” (god) that he didn’t see anyone around the river? They made it look like they didn’t initially meet us for business of palm oil, bronze etc, before their colonization.

Europeans entered and began to rename what we had to suit their narratives. It’s the audacity for me! Some call it “Osimiri Ọgbarụ” or just “Osimiri”, and “Oshimiri” too.….S££ MOR£

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