Do Fish Drink Water Or Just Breathe It?

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Fish don’t drink water like people do. Instead, they use their skin and gills to absorb water from their surroundings. This process is called osmosis. Imagine a sponge soaking up water when you put it in a bucket. Fish work kind of like that, but through their skin and gills.

Now, let’s talk about why they need to do this. Inside a fish’s body, there are tiny things called solutes, like salts. These solutes are more concentrated inside the fish than in the water around them. Because of this difference, water naturally wants to move from where it’s less concentrated (the water outside the fish) to where it’s more concentrated (inside the fish). This movement of water is called osmosis.

Since fish have higher solute concentrations inside their bodies, water tends to leave their bodies and move into the surrounding water. To keep from getting too dehydrated, fish need to keep absorbing water through their skin and gills. It’s like they’re constantly sipping water through a straw, but instead of using a straw, they use their bodies.

But that’s not all fish do with water. They also use it to breathe. Just like we need oxygen to survive, fish need oxygen too, but they get it from the water. They have special organs called gills that help them do this. Gills are like little filters inside the fish’s body. When water passes over them, oxygen from the water goes into the fish’s bloodstream, and carbon dioxide from the fish’s body goes back into the water.

So, fish use water for two main things: to stay hydrated and to breathe. They absorb water through their skin and gills to stay hydrated, and they use their gills to take oxygen from the water to breathe……See More

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