Mary Is Not The Only Woman That Was Visited By Angel, See Other 7 Women In The Bible Who Were Visited By God’s Angels

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We can never deny the existence of angels around us, and we have heard stories of people who have seen angels in one manner or another even today.

As an individual, do you believe in the presence of angels? Looking at scriptures from both the old and new testaments, we witness men and women who were visited by angels sent by God to give God’s word.

We witness a guy named Abraham encountering angels several times in the book of Genesis. This does not alter in the New Testament, where we witness the same things repeated by far too many people.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the Bible’s prominent ladies who had extraordinary angelic contacts and had the rare opportunity to see angels, as recounted in the scriptures. Angels are beings that are not seen by everyone, and even if you read the entire Bible, you will see that only a chosen few have seen them.

And no one can see an angel unless God himself grants permission by opening the person’s sight to look beyond the physical into the spiritual realm. Take a look at these great women who had amazing meetings with angels, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

1. Sarah

Sarah is a name that almost every believer is familiar with, and she was Abraham’s wife, according to Genesis. When we read Genesis 18, we learn about the three visitors who were angels on their way to demolish the city of Sodom. Abraham invited them into the house, oblivious to the fact that they were angels, and she even instructed Sarah to make a meal for them. Abraham and Sarah only knew these were Angels after they had eaten, and Sarah was even promised that she would have a child.

2. Lot’s Wives and Daughters

Lot’s wife is the second lady in the Bible who was able to see Angels when they visited their home. In Genesis 19, two angels come in Sodom and find a plot of land near the city’s entrance. The lot and his wife welcomed the two angels inside their home and prepared supper for them. These two angels even assisted them in fleeing Sodom.

3. The Wife of Manoah

Her tale is told in Judges chapter 13 and she was the mother of Samson, an Israelite judge. She was barren when an angel appeared to her and told her she was going to have a son and gave her instructions on how to care for him. She was one of the few women in the Bible to have this divine angelic contact.

4. The mother of Jesus, Mary

She is the first woman to have an experience with an angel, according to the Bible, and the angel’s name is revealed to be Angel Gabriel in her case. Luke 1:28 contains the story. The angel delivered the message to her about how she was to give birth to Christ the Messiah, necessitating the angelic visit.

5. Mary Magdalene

She was one of Jesus’ female disciples and was the first to witness the rising Christ. After Jesus released her from demonic control, she became a disciple. She was at the tomb on the day of the resurrection, and according to the Bible, she saw two angels (John 20:10-12).

6. Mary Salome and Mary, James’ mother

They were at the tomb when Jesus was resurrected, as recorded in Luke 24:1-4, and found the body of Jesus. There, they saw two angels who told them that Jesus had already been resurrected and that they should not look for the living among the dead. The two ladies also had the unusual opportunity to see angels, completing our list of the seven women mentioned in the Bible who were visited by angels…..See More

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