4 Groups Of Angels In Heaven And Type Of Work They Do There

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1. Angels at War

These are among the highest-ranking angels whose primary mission is to fight and defeat demonic forces. The warring Angels assist believers in fighting in the spirit against demons who may try to oppose them, like in the case of Daniel in Daniel Chapter 9 when Angel Michael was summoned to assist him.

Angels of this sort are enormous and powerful. Angel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Angel Uriel are just a few of the angels mentioned in the Book of Watchers in the Bible. We also learn about a war in heaven in Revelation 12:7-10, in which the angels had to combat Satan on two fronts.

2. Angels of Mercy

They are also known as ministering spirits in the Bible, and their primary purpose is to serve or assist humanity. Its primary mission is to assist people in their various needs as God directs. The interesting thing about these angels is that they don’t always appear to be angels, but rather ordinary humans. This is why the Bible warns us in Hebrews 13:2 to be cautious of strangers, as some angels have conceived without realizing it. People like Abraham, Lot, and Manoah, according to the Bible, had encounters with ministering angels who appeared to be people. These were the angels who aided Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when he was ready to be betrayed.

3. Worshiping Angels

A special kind of angel exists whose sole purpose is to worship and exalt God on His throne. The Seraphim and Cherubim, two exceedingly powerful angels who also guard God’s throne, belong to this category of angels. As their principal objective, they worship God on his throne and declare it holy. They are many, and they also serve to defend God’s splendor.

4. Praise Angels

There are also Praise Angels, who are tasked with singing praises to God. Archangel is said to be in charge of the music in heaven when it comes to worshipping God, according to Jewish and Christian literature…..See More

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