7 Untold Vows Catholic Nuns Must Take

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The words sister and nun are used interchangeably in common speech, even among sisters themselves. Technically speaking, sister is a generic term that applies to any woman who takes vows in a religious order (including nuns).

Catholic nun vows

Within Christian denominations, nuns or religious sisters, are found in Catholic church, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran traditions among others.


1. Nuns take a vow of chastity – They live a celibate life and are not allowed to marry or get involved in Romantic relationships.

2. Vow of poverty – Before becoming a nun, one must first accept to live in poverty and renounce luxurious lives.

3. Vow of obedience – Nuns must always respect the catholic church and its leaders

4. Vow of modest clothing – Nuns must wear modest clothing when not wearing official uniforms

5. Vow of secrecy – Nuns must keep the church secrets and not authorized to talk on controversial matters unless cleared by person in charge

6. Vow of not speaking to media without authority- Catholic nuns, as decreed by Pope are not allowed to use speak to the media without approval of seniors

7. Vow of honesty – Nuns must always be honest as much as possible…..See More

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