Meet The Religion That Claims Jesus Got Married, Had 3 Kids & Died At The Age Of 106

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There is every probability you won’t be part of your current religion if you weren’t given birth to by your parents, or you didn’t grew up in a particular geographical location, which is more reason we should always respect other people’s religious beliefs even when they contradicts ours.

There are thousands of different religion currently being practiced on earth. Some are very popular and their beliefs well known, while others look weird to us because they have a different story from the one we have been told.

As a Christian, I have came across a lot of weird religious beliefs, but I haven’t seen anyone like that of the Shingō Aomori people of Japan.

According to Wikipedia sources, Shingō Aomori is a small community in Japan with a population of 2408 individuals spread across 922 different households.

From my research, the Shingō Aomori people are not doing too well economically as they mostly depends on agriculture. There is no highschool in the village, but they have 2 elementary and middle school operated by the village local government.

It is clear Shingō Aomori is not the best place for tourism, but they have one side attraction: The purported last resting place of Jesus (the tomb of Jesus).

There is also a family in that village called the Sajiro Sawaguchi family, and they claim to be direct defendant of Jesus.

According to the story, Jesus did not die at the biblical Golgotha, rather it was his brother Isukiri who was killed, while Jesus himself fled to Japan.

When he got to Japan, Shingō Aomori precisely, Jesus changed his name Torai Tora Daitenku, changed his occupation from carpentery into rice farming.

While in Japan, and probably after becoming a successful rice farmer, the story said Jesus Christ got married to a 23 years old Japanese woman named Miyuko and they gave birth to 3 unnamed daughters.

Jesus was said to have died at the age of 106, after he must have traveled and learn many new things in Japan.

Jesus body was kept at the hilltop for 4 years, before his bones were collected and buried in what is currently known as the tomb of Jesus.

We will have to end the story here, but anyone who is still curious can click any of the links below:

Incase you want to know, I don’t actually believe in the story as it is against my religious beliefs, but I don’t see any harms in learning about other people’s cultures and traditions…..Séé Móré

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