Meet The Animal Who Can Mate Up To 100 Times A Day, See How Long Each Rounds Last

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Mating is essential in the life of all animals. Just as humans, animals also mate to produce children that so they can thrive in the wild.

Today we’ll briefly look into the life of an animal that simply ‘does too much’ just to produce babies.

A lion can mate up to 100 times a day

According to research, a male lion can mate with a lioness up to 100 times a day when she’s in heat, this means he can go up to 100 rounds in a day.

How long does each round last?

Unlike humans that can last minutes or probably an hour, a lion only lasts around 17 seconds each round.

How long can a lion mate in a day?


To get this done, we’ll have to multiply 17 seconds by 100, let’s assume the lion mates 100 times a day.

17 multiplied by 100 is 1700, which means that a lion can last 1700 seconds a day which could also be equivalent to 28.3 minutes a day.

How many rounds can a lion go when a lioness is in the heat?

A lion can mate with a lioness in heat for four to five days, it all depends on the number of times they mate in a day. If they mate 100 times each day then that’s 500 rounds in five days. It normally ranges from 250 rounds to 500 rounds.

What are the results?

At the end of the day, a lioness can sometimes produce just a single cub and sometimes three or more cubs.

Life as the King of beasts isn’t an easy one though, they’re strong both in raw strength and mating strength.

Kudos to the lions! Note that a lion can mate with several lionesses in a day so there’s no actual telling of how far they can go.

Lioness are true mothers

Due to the rough and ruthless nature of male lions, a lioness is the one who does the real job. She can sometimes mate with two to three males so the males won’t kill her cubs.

This is because it’s in the nature of males to kill cubs that don’t belong to them, mating with 2 males is a way to keep her cubs safe. After all, it will make them believe they’re the fathers…..Séé Móré

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