4 Reasons Why You Should Start Rabbit Farming As A Young Farmer

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Youths should embrace farming and achieve financial freedom since it is enjoyable. I’ll go through four arguments in this essay for choosing to start a rabbit farm tomorrow or even right now.

1. Needs Less Start-Up Money

In comparison to raising chickens, pigs, or raising cattle, raising rabbits requires less initial investment money. Because buying breeds or food is inexpensive, the majority of capital in rabbit farming goes into the structures for the animals. A kilo of rabbit feed, for instance, might cost roughly 54 ksh.

2. Rabbits’ Reproductive Cycles Are Brief.

It takes around a month to produce one female rabbit. They can be prepared for mating three weeks after giving birth. Therefore, rabbits have an extremely high rate of reproduction. One female rabbit can have over 35 kits a year, and since a kilo of rabbit meat can cost as much as $10 in some regions, you should think about starting this business as an unemployed young person.

3. Space

Compared to chickens and pigs, rabbits need less area because of their small size. You can still raise rabbits even if you don’t have much room, especially if you live in an urban area. I had 1 acre of the property when I started my rabbit farm, and I thought rabbitry was the way to go.

4. Simple to Feed

For instance, if you start raising broiler chickens and discover that there is no market for them after four weeks, your profit margin will be jeopardized because of the birds’ expensive feeding habits. I can keep rabbits for a longer period because they consume less food. In addition, the longer I keep the bunnies, the more money I’ll make as their weight increases..…Discover Moré

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