Here Is Why Cats Eat Their Babies(PHOTOS)

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One of the most horrifying and upsetting things you might encounter if you care for stray cats that frequently give birth to kittens is witnessing your mother cat devour one of her young. Fortunately, it’s not extremely frequent, but it is conceivable. Keep reading to learn why cats do this and how probable it is that it will happen while you are watching so that you will be better prepared if there is a chance that you will have kittens in the future.

It’s harmful

One of the most frequent causes for a cat to consume one of her kittens is when it is sick or malnourished and unlikely to survive. In this situation, the mother will instinctively consume the kitten.Many people think that one of the things that cats can smell is disease since they have more than 200 million odor receptors in their noses, which allows them to detect things that we are unable to. The remainder of the litter is at risk if one of the kittens is ill because, in the event of death, bacteria can swiftly spread, leaving the other kittens exposed.

kittens just born consuming milk

It was born still. A stillborn kitten must be consumed by the cat because, as we just discussed, it can swiftly spread bacteria to the rest of the litter.

The Danger of the Litter

Why couldn’t the ill or dead kitten be removed so the cat wouldn’t eat it is a valid question. The reason is that for at least the first week following birth, your cat will not accept any interference with the litter. She will start to shift it if somebody gets too close since she will believe the location is not secure. The majority of experts advise staying away from the nesting location at all costs for a week or two because if she can’t move it or feels like it is too difficult, she might devour one or more of the kittens.….S££ MOR£

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