5 Women’s Body Language You Misunderstand And Their Meaning

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Women have their special ways to communicate their minds to you. These ways are often misunderstood by so many guys. They tend to think she wants something else and which might not be what she wanted. Now, trying to understand her non-verbal gestures or communication is something you might need to take seriously so you won’t misinterpret these gestures.

This is why you have to give it a second thought before concluding on what they are trying to say. It takes a sensitive man to make a conscious effort to know what her body language means.

And so in this episode of relationships and parenting, I’ll be showing us 5 women’s body language you misunderstand and their meaning.

1. Eye Rolling.

Often, we misunderstand eye-rolling for acceptance or being interested in what we’ve to say. This is very wrong. Eye rolling simply means she is exhausted and not willing to give you a chance to say anything.

2. Hands Crossed Together On The Chest.


When a lady crosses her hands on her chest, we sometimes feel she is willing to give an audience to what we want to say but that’s not true. This means that she is not interested in whatever you want to say to her. And probably she is tired of all you’re saying to her. Get this right.

3. Hands On The Waist (Standing Akimbo).

Probably you’re in the middle of a discussion with a young beautiful lady and in the long run, you notice that she is constantly putting her hands on her waist, don’t assume she is trying to get comfortable. It means she is tired of standing and she would like to take a seat. Get her a seat to sit down.

4. Lips Move.

At the point where you notice a movement in her lips with a fixed gaze at you, don’t assume that she is getting uncomfortable or something. This could mean only one thing, she is interested in you or she is enjoying what you’re saying.

5. Playing With Her Hair Or Stroking Her Neck.

Any lady who does this is simply shy to look at your face. You shouldn’t assume that she is comfortable standing close to you…..S££ MOR£

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