7 Compliments That Are Insults But People Don’t Know

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1. You’re looking better than usual today.”

This sounds like a compliment, but it suggests that the person doesn’t usually look good. It can make someone feel self-conscious about their appearance.

2. “You’re so brave to try new things!”

This can imply that the person is usually too scared to try anything new. It can make them feel like others see them as timid or afraid.

3. “You’re really good at that for someone your age.”

This might seem like praise, but it suggests that the person’s age usually holds them back from being good at things. It can make them feel like they’re not taken seriously because of their age.

4. “You’re such a natural beauty;

you don’t need any makeup.” While it might sound like a compliment, it implies that wearing makeup is usually necessary to look good. It can make someone who enjoys wearing makeup feel like they’re judged for it.

5. “You’re so lucky to have such a supportive partner.”

This can suggest that the person’s success or happiness is only because of their partner, not because of their own efforts. It can make them feel like their achievements are downplayed.

6. You’re very articulate for someone from your background.”

This implies surprise that someone from a particular background can speak well. It suggests low expectations based on stereotypes, which can be hurtful and offensive.

7. “You’re pretty good for a beginner.”

While it might seem encouraging, it subtly suggests that beginners are expected to be not very good. It can undermine someone’s confidence in their abilities and discourage them from trying new things.…S££ MOR£

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