Meet Black Man Who Was Lynched And Burn Alive For Dating White Woman

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The average white person assumes that the tanned victim may have successfully incited the power – which is typically the police – to behave in this way when confronted with Blacks’ concerns about the violence directed at them.

Because of this, some white-dominant jerks in uniform have asserted that Black people would be less aggressive if they dressed better or were friendlier. However, the evidence contradicts these assertions.

A cursory look at balanced Blacks in the United States and several documents indicate that the most of them were dressed in suits or coats and met their deaths while moving forward. This went on until one white person chose to take pleasure in their demise and killed them all. Even young children could not escape the fictitious idea of dying in this situation.

Such horrific deeds of wrath had John Hartfield as a legitimate victim. According to reports, the reason for the lynching in 1919 in Ellisville, Mississippi, was his friendship with a white woman.

The homicide had been reported the day before in major newspapers. When Hartfield’s execution day arrived, a throng of up to 10,000 people gathered to see him hanged, shot many times, and then torched, his body torn. People who had gathered to see the tragedy were handed bits of his body as keepsakes……….S££ MOR£

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