7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife During A Fight

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1. You Are Being Senseless.

She’s your wife no matter what, never use such words on her when she acts ignorant of some things.

Calling your wife a senseless person might make her very angry even without showing it, and these will really break her heart. Never make your wife feel ignorant, or we don’t know what she’s doing. Find a better way to correct her or talk to her than using the word you are senseless.

Because such words can leave a lasting impression in your wife’s heart, so as a man, you need to be very careful with the things you say to your wife.

2. Other Women Are Better Than You.

As a man, never compare your wife to another woman, no matter the misunderstanding. She’s your wife, and you got married to her, comparing her with other women won’t help your marriage positively.

Because you are making her feel less of her self. A man should never say other women are better than you to his wife because once you say these, you indirectly tell her other women are better than she.

3. I Hate You.

Some men are under this category. Why will you tell your wife you hate her?

You got married to her no matter the misunderstanding or fights as a man, never tell your wife I hate you.

Because such a hurtful word will last in her heart forever, and she might tend to keep remembering the hate words you used on her in years to come, even if things are now normal in your marriage.

4. You Such A..

Don’t just say it, never attempt to say such words to your wife because such a statement like this never ends well, only brings more complicated issues in your marriage.

It is a sign of disrespecting your wife, and a woman will never forget hurtful words that came out from the mouth of her husband.

5. I Regret Getting Married To You.

Such words should never come out from your mouth. You were not blind when getting married to her, no matter how toxic the marriage is. There are other ways to talk to your wife than telling her you regretted marring her.

As I said, earlier marriage is not a bed of roses. You have to think before saying a word to your wife, or best you walk out and give yourself some space.

Saying wrong words to your wife can leave a lasting impression in her heart, so as a man you need to be very careful on the type of words you say to your wife…..S££ MOR£

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