I Have Slept With Over 300 Men, I Was Introduced To Prostitut!on By My Cousin At 16yrs – Lady Says

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Roselyn Cheptoo shares her journey into prostitution, revealing that she was introduced to the trade by her cousin when she moved to the city at the age of sixteen.

Coming from a farming family, she had to drop out of high school due to financial constraints and sought work in the city.

However, she was shocked to discover that the job her cousin had arranged for her was prostitution.

Initially hesitant due to her young age, Roselyn was pressured by her cousin to join or return to the village. She ultimately chose to stay and began working as a prostitute.

Despite feeling guilt and a loss of self-esteem at first, she eventually grew accustomed to the job and found financial independence.

Over the years, Roselyn Cheptoo has faced numerous challenges, including clients refusing to pay or abusing her.

Despite sleeping with over three hundred men, she continues in the trade due to a lack of employment and education opportunities. However, now a mother, Roselyn desires to leave the sex trade behind to set a positive example for her child.

She is actively seeking alternative employment opportunities and is willing to work without a secondary school certificate.

Roselyn Cheptoo hopes to break free from the cycle of prostitution and create a better future for herself and her child..….S££ MOR£

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