Woman In Trouble For Tricking Men Into Her Room For S£xual Pleasure Only For Her To Do This

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On Monday morning, the Embu Law Court was the scene of a significant legal proceeding as a group of three individuals faced allegations of orchestrating a complex extortion racket. The defendants, identified as Virginia Wanjiru Njagi, Erick Ngugi Bundi, and Kelvin Mwenda Kathenya, stood before Principal Magistrate Robert Mundia to respond to the charges levied against them.

The prosecution’s case painted a picture of a cunning plot where unsuspecting men were lured into a trap. Allegedly, a woman would entice these men to her abode, only for their encounter to be disrupted by an intruder who would then accuse the victim of infidelity and demand hush money.

The charges detailed two separate incidents, both occurring at Macky Apartment Gwakwegori in Embu West. On April 10, 2024, it is claimed that the trio, armed with a wooden stick, forcibly took Ksh.11,100 from a man and resorted to violence post-robbery. The following day, the group allegedly escalated their criminal activities, wielding knives and a dagger to rob another individual of Ksh.1,700, again followed by acts of violence.

Furthermore, the second victim reportedly suffered injuries at the hands of the accused, leading to additional charges of wounding. In a separate charge, Kathenya faced accusations of impersonating a police inspector from Itabua police station, further complicating the case. During the court session, it emerged that the defendants purportedly operated by having Wanjiru draw the men into the apartment, setting the stage for the other two to confront the victims with claims of adultery and subsequently extort money.

Despite the severity of the accusations, the trio maintained their innocence, pleading not guilty to all charges. The court granted their release on a bond of Ksh.500,000 with an equivalent surety or an alternative cash bail of Ksh.200,000.

As the community of Embu West awaits justice, the case has been scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on July 16. This incident has raised concerns about safety and the prevalence of such extortion schemes, prompting a call for heightened vigilance among residents. The outcome of this case may set a precedent for how such crimes are addressed in the future……………S££ MOR£

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