I Have Gone 2 Years Without Sleeping with My Husband Because of This – Lady Says

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Rachel Otuoma, the spouse of former AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars player Ezekiel Otuoma, has opened up about the profound changes in their marriage following her husband’s diagnosis with motor neuron disease four years ago. The condition, which has progressively impaired Ezekiel’s mobility to the point where he now relies on a wheelchair and has lost his ability to speak, has also brought their intimate life to a halt for the past two years.

During an emotional appearance on Obinna’s YouTube show, the couple shared their journey through Ezekiel’s illness, detailing the daily challenges they face and the unwavering support Rachel has provided. Despite the physical limitations imposed by the disease, Rachel has remained a faithful partner, emphasizing her commitment to their vows through sickness and health.

According Radio Jonbo, The talented footballer’s career was cut short by the debilitating disease, leaving the family to navigate a new reality. Rachel candidly expressed the personal struggles she has faced, including the lack of physical intimacy, which she described as a significant source of suffering. However, she firmly stated that she has never sought solace outside their marriage.

The situation has been further complicated by the inappropriate advances of some individuals, including a supposed friend of Ezekiel’s, who saw the couple’s plight as an opportunity to pursue Rachel. She recounted how this friend sent her direct messages with the intention of asking her out, an offer she immediately rejected.….S££ MOR£

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