If You Notice A Woman Doing The Following Things, Am Sorry Sir, She is Just Using You

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1. Lack of reciprocity.

If your partner consistently takes without giving anything in return, it could be a sign that she is using you. This could manifest in various ways, such as expecting you to always pay for dates or constantly asking for favors without offering help or support in return.

2. Absence of emotional support.

A healthy relationship involves emotional support from both partners. If your woman is emotionally distant or unavailable when you need her, but expects you to always be there for her, it could indicate that she is only interested in your support and not genuinely invested in the relationship.

3. Financial exploitation.

One clear sign of being used is when your partner continually relies on you financially. If she frequently borrows money without any intention of paying it back or seems more interested in your material possessions and resources rather than your companionship, it’s likely that she is taking advantage of you.

4. Lack of effort in the relationship.

A one-sided relationship is a clear indicator of being used. If your woman shows little or no effort in nurturing the relationship, avoids making compromises, and doesn’t prioritize spending quality time with you, she may be using you for her own convenience or personal gain.

5. Disregard for your boundaries and need.

When someone is using you, they often disregard your boundaries and needs. If your woman consistently ignores your requests or dismisses your concerns, it’s a red flag that she is not genuinely interested in your well-being and is only concerned with her desires……See More

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