Men, This Is Why You Might Be Living with a Cheating Wife but Never Notice It

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1. Women never change

When a man Starts to cheat he will change his behavior, routine, change his phone password, or even look guilty and tensed all the time. He might start to ignore his wife, but as for women it’s different. They never change in behavior ,routine and even how they treat their husbands will still be the same. Women know that any change in a person is the first sign of cheating. Women come straight from cheating to your everyday without missing a beat.

2.They always keep it low.

Women never show their cheating signs. You will never find them texting or calling their lover more frequently and recklessly., unlike men who get excited when they meet a new catch and their attention is glued to their phones.

Women are very calculative, that is why it’s hard for their husband to catch or even see any love text from their phones. They always leave all traces covered.

3. Women are more trusted.

Most men trust their wives so much that they believe they won’t be capable of cheating on them. This sort of trust in itself makes men blind to see and notice signs that their women could be cheating. Search men end up living with their cheating wives for so long without noticing.

4. Women are secretive

When men cheat they always end up opening up and talking to their friends, who in the end may reveal in slip of the tongue but to women, they keep to themselves. This is the kind of secret that women don’t share with their friends, they know that a secret once shared is no longer a secret.

5. Women are never guilty

Men look guilty once they have cheated, women on the other hand do not. They often feel like that are justified to do it, and it is well within their rights. They may be doing it to revenge when their men cheated or how they treat them. That is why cheating women are always cool and calm from cheating and this maybe hard for their men to notice them.

6. Women are always careful

Women plan their cheating very well that is why it’s hard to catch them. Their moves are always calculative and they may plan their cheating in between their schedules, ( like going to the doctor, salon), and they will always be back on time. I once heard a man saying that his wife doesn’t cheat because she’s always at home.

This is because they plan very well and they are always careful…..S££ MOR£

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