Check Out 6 Countries In The World That Do Not Have Any Political Parties [Photos]

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1. Bahrain

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, an island country located in the Western part of Asia and situated between Qatar and the northeastern coast of Saudi Arabia, there are no political parties.

Political parties are banned and illegal in the country but operate as de facto political parties under the term political societies. Political societies in Bahrain range from the communist left to the Islamist right.

2. Palau

The Republic of Palau, an island country in the western Pacific and bordered by Micronesia to the east, Indonesia to the south, and the Philippines to the north west, currently has no political parties.

It is a de facto non-partisan democracy since no law forbids the establishment of political parties. The Palau Nationalist Party, which worked majorly as an electoral vehicle in opposition to an ideological movement, was established for the 1996 elections.

3. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country located in the Western part of Asia and flanked by Oman and Saudi Arabia.

In the country, there are no political parties, and until the commencement of the twenty first century, no elections were held. The election of the President and Vice President in the country happens every five years. However only the Federal National Council (FNC), which is the major consultative body in the nation and has both a legislative and supervisory role accorded by the Constitution, participates in the electoral poll, so the public does not have a say.

4. Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia, an island country located in the Oceania continent, is one of the countries in the world that do not have any political parties. The president of the nation is elected for a four-year term by Congress. Political allegiances depend majorly on family and island-related factors.

5. Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country located on the Arabian Peninsula in the Western part of Asia, there is no political parties.

However, there are some rebel political movements. Political parties are forbidden, and political dissent is effectively criminalized.

6. Qatar

In Qatar, a country in the Western part of Asia and flanked by Saudi Arabia, there are currently no political parties.


Qataris have been allowed to vote in municipal elections since 1999, and the first parliamentary election was held last year. Voting is restricted to citizens, aged 18 years and above, whose paternal grandfather was born in the country. Women are allowed to stand for public office.….S££ MOR£

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