See Photos of The Bullet, The Man And The Gun That Killed The 16th President of America

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Everyone knows that whenever you are mentioning one of the most strongest countries on earth (as of this 21st century) the United States of America is usually one of the countries that comes into the spotlight.

But as you all know, before it was able to become what is nowadays, there was a few lapses in the United States security records.

According to historical records, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America was killed and murdered 15th April 1865, by a Confederate sympathist named John Wilkes Booth, who felt that what the American President was doing was against everything that the United States of America stands for.

Below are pictures of the pistol and bullet that ended his life:

Abraham Lincoln was shot at the back of the head,and not too long after that, he died.

And below is a pictorial illustration as to how Lincoln’s life was ended:

And see more pictures of the man, John Wilkes Booth, who ended the life of Abraham Lincoln:

It was a tragic event that most Americans would never forget in life again..………….S££ MOR£

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