Sad Ending Of President Who Was Hanged To Death, See Photos

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Following a military operation by the United States Army on December 13, 2003, something considerably worse than weapons of mass destruction was discovered hidden in the ground.

Saddam Hussein, the deposed Iraqi leader, was nearing the end of his earthly days. After decades of terror in the Middle East, the vicious former tyrant was ultimately apprehended and forced to account for his regime’s harshness, which resulted in the deaths of over one million people.

Saddam Hussein, who became Iraq’s sixth President in 1979 after a military coup, unleashed decades of slaughter in the country. His critics were executed on the spot. Others were forced to flee to exile. The world had turned a blind eye to him all this time.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in the United States, President George W. Bush focused his attention on Iraq and its leader.

In response to allegations that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, the United States decided to depose him. The former strongman was apprehended after a weeks-long military onslaught codenamed Operation Red Dawn. It was the final chapter of a long saga.

The country’s new temporary government was turned over to the country’s vicious former dictator for trial. After three years, a verdict was reached: Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death.

On December 30, 2006, Saddam Hussein faced his executioners for the first time. When masked hangmen placed him in a noose, it was a terrifying moment. However, right before the former tyrant was executed, Iraqi state television halted the live broadcast.

And then he was gone, the man who had ruled millions of Iraqis for decades. The sins of the “Tiger of Baghdad” had to be paid for.

Saddam Hussein continues to throw a large shadow over Iraq 15 years after his tragic and agonizing demise…..See More

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