See Why The First African Gold Medalist Was Killed By His Own Country

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When Emmanuel Ifeajuna first appeared in front of a throng of tens of thousands, he performed something that no other black African had ever done before. At an international sporting tournament, he was awarded a gold medal.

Upon his return to Nigeria, Emmanuel enlisted in the Nigerian army, where, thanks to his academic credentials, he quickly rose through the ranks to the rank of major. Expressing his displeasure with the Nigerian government, he joined a group of soldiers to stage the country’s first coup.

Many people forget that Emmanuel Ifeajuna was the first black African to win a gold medal because of his engagement in politics and later military activity.

Ifeajuna was convicted to death by firing squad in a hastily arranged trial and was executed.

The British opposed his actions, which triggered the Nigerian Civil War. He is known as one of Nigeria’s most cruel military officers, and he was assassinated by Ojukwu when he attempted to stage a coup against him…..See More

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