Exposed: See The Tricks Used By P-Squire And Michael Jackson To Perform Anti-Gravity Move Dance

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According to JPF magazine, the moonwalk, toe stand, and crotch grap are some of the most well-known dancing moves that are usually performed by many artists. The iconic one was introduced by Michael Jackson demonstrates anti-gravity lean and was recently copied by P-squire of Nigeria.

The feet are firmly planted on the stage floor by a metal rod that shoots up from the stage into the sole of the shoe, thanks to a proprietary shoe design that allows a triangle slot in the shoe to be hooked into a notching location on the stage floor. The angle of bend largely depend on flexibility of the body and muscle strength

P-music Square’s video for their single, Personally, featured Michael Jackson’s Anti Gravity Dance Moves was done in remembrance of the renowned artist. Peter and Paul Okoye, two brothers, performed a variety of remarkable dancing maneuvers and were credited for giving a life the dance.

The concept was inspired by a pair of boots worn by a US astronaut in zero gravity, which can be connected to a permanent rail. This would help to stabilize people in one place inside the airspace rockets.

Strong core muscles and good ankle support, according to neurosurgeons. This enables up to 45 degrees of forwarding bending. Many spine experts have advised against it since it could result in grave consequences…..See All

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