Sad Ending Of President And His Wife Who Were Killed By Firing Squad On Christmas Day (Photos)

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(Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, gives a speech in Bucharest in November 1989.)

The 25th of December, 1989, was a watershed moment in Romanian politics. The entire globe was witness to a spectacle that would change the trajectory of the country’s history on this day. With the fall of communist military dictatorships across Eastern Europe in November 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu’s reign of terror in Romania was only a matter of time.

For a quarter-century, Romanians had never known anyone other than Ceausescu, whose predatory powers left many people hungry while he lived like a king in a destitute country. Ceausescu was Romania for decades, and Romania was Ceausescu. It was a totalitarian regime.

He reduced press control and openly opposed the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia after coming to office, resulting in a spike in popularity. However, his regime quickly turned authoritarian and was regarded as the most restrictive in the Eastern Bloc at the time, resulting in a limited period of stability. His secret police were in charge of mass surveillance, repression, and human rights violations.

He saw anti-government protestors as a political threat and ordered armed personnel to open fire on them on December 17, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. It sparked widespread rioting and civil unrest throughout the country.

Ceausescu left for a state visit to Iran on December 18, 1989, leaving his wife in charge of putting down the uprising. The situation became even tenser when he returned to R on December 20.

Ceausescu and his wife Elena attempted to flee the capital in a helicopter but were apprehended by the military after members of the armed forces defected. Both were sentenced to death after being found guilty of economic sabotage and genocide, and they were murdered by firing squad on December 25.

Following many regime transitions in Eastern Europe, Romanians realized that Ceausescu was not invincible and that he could be overthrown at any time. Then came one of the country’s most trying periods.

(Ceausescu with his wife Elena following their 1989 military trial.)

Ceausescu’s government crumbled on Christmas Day 1989, after days of anti-dictatorship street protests in Bucharest and around the country.

(When bullets were raining on them.)

After being apprehended by soldiers after a failed escape attempt, the Ceausescus would be sentenced to a military kangaroo trial. The execution was the final choice. Nicolae and Elena would die one of the most horrific deaths in a firing squad drill, as soldiers “rained” bullets on them.

(There are bullet holes on the wall where Nicolae and his wife Elena were shot and killed by a firing squad.)

The firing squad “rained” bullets on them as they stood against the wall, and the spectacle was videotaped and aired live around the world. The “power couple” was later buried in Bucharest in an unmarked tomb. It formally signaled the end of one of the most brutal regimes in world history…..S££ MOR£

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