Check Out 6 Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups In The World (Photos)

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According to DRS magazine, terrorism is the illegal use of premeditated violence to achieve political ends. Organized armed groups are the military wing of a non-state side in a non-international armed conflict. The world’s deadliest armed groups are listed below.

1. The Asian People’s Army

The military branch of the Communist Party of the Philippines supports the consolidation of political power. They established their administration, apart from the Philippine government, and began collecting taxes to fund community services such as construction of roads, providing piped water among others.

2. Al-Shabab

It is a Somalia-based terrorist jihadist fundamentalist group that operates in East Africa. Through intimidation and killing, Al-Shabab raises as much money as the federal government of Somalia. They are also recruiting fighters from neighboring countries.


It’s an Afghan-based group that has carried out a slew of deadly suicide bombings and targeted bombings in Arab countries. They have massive connection around the world that fund and support its activities. Its uncompromising goal is to establish Sharia law, with everyone who opposes Islam and the Quran regarded as an enemy.

4. Mexico’s Vigilantes

It’s a clandestine group of armed civilians claiming to be fighting drug cartel incursions in the area. The authorities attempted to disarm them but were unsuccessful. The group are now more armed than the nation’s police.

5. Proud Boys

It is a male-dominated, far-right, neo-fascist organization in the United States that promotes and engages in political violence. They are advocating for white supremacy and view Black Americans as second class citizens. In an attempt to prevent Joe Biden’s victory from being certified, white nationalists descended on the Capitol.

6. The Black Panther

It is a black nationalist militia established in the United States that advocates for black liberation and secession. They are advocating for equality amongst American people. The group was founded in response to the Black Lives Matter anti-police brutality rallies.

7. Yakuza

It is a transnational organized crime syndicate based in Japan. They’re known for their strict code of conduct, organized feudal aspect, and strange rituals including amputation of the left little finger and body tattooing.

Terrorist groups are emerging every day and vanishing around the world but some have persistent and maintain their dominance for many years. Some have formed parallel governments where they flex their muscles…..S££ MOR£

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