Remember An Old Man Who Lived For 256 Years? See Advive He Gave On His Deathbed

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According to Alba Consul magazine, Li Ching-Yuen lived for an incredible 256 years. And no, this isn’t a legend or a made-up story. He was born in the Republic of China’s Sichuan province in 1677. Li began his herbalist vocation when he was ten years old, and for nearly 40 years, he lived off of herbs he gathered in the mountains after learning their power for extending life.

He entered the Chinese army as a martial trainer in 1746, at the age of 71, and retired at the age of 102 to continue his work selling herbs. He married 23 wives and fathered over 200 children during his lifetime. Yuen lived to see 11 generations, which is the most ever documented but unconfirmed.

According to local legend, Li enjoyed teaching people how to do physical workouts and eat foods that would help them live longer.

On his deathbed, he stated that high-tech technologies and cutting-edge medication will not be able to reverse the effects of aging. He finished by stating that the keys to amazing longevity were inner serenity, peace of mind, physical exercise, and a healthy diet. On May 6, 1933, he died of natural causes, leaving behind his 24th wife, a woman of 60 years…..S££  MOR£

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