Here Is The Only Angel That Died And Deadly Sin He Committed

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Many angels serve God in heaven and have been divided into different groups to work in different fields. According to the Book of Enock, some praise and worship God, control the universe and record the sins of human beings. Since angels are not like human beings, it is uncommon for them to die, yet Lucifer who was God’s angel died.

In addition to being acknowledged as the Father of Lies, Lucifer is also repeatedly referred to as Satan, the Devil, or the Prince of Demons. There are so many myths about him that many people believe they were made up to terrify kids and moviegoers around. The revelation that the devil’s narrative started with angelic origins before he was ousted from heaven may shock many people.

When precisely Satan was created in the Bible is unknown. The scripts of Ezekiel and Isaiah demonstrate that Satan is the source of all evil (Ezekiel 28; Isaiah 14). According to the Old Testament, the prophets first called Satan “Lucifer” in their writings. One of the most influential angels in the holy army of angels, Lucifer was second only to the seraphim in rank, and God appointed him to serve as a guardian cherubim on his holy mountain (Ezekiel 28:14). Being made a cherub was a great honour for Lucifer.

As a result of his admiration for God’s magnificence, brilliance, strength, and status, Lucifer started to crave the honour and glory that only God could confer. While serving God, he developed a self-centred obsession and jealousy, and hatch a plan to ouster God from his position. He started a fight in heaven to take that position but was stopped by Archangel Michael. Because of his rebellion, God ousted Lucifer from heaven to earth.

Bible refers to hell as the second death. A person goes to hell after the first death happens. Therefore, Lucifer’s existence in hell proves that he is already dead; as a result, he travels the world to win more people to accompany him. He wants sinners to join him in hell where there is misery…..S££ MOR£

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