4 Things That Satan Fear Most, It Is Not Your Prayers

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According to the Bible, we are fighting a spiritual battle rather than a physical one. Satan is believers’ opponent, and he murders, steals, and destroys them. But, praise God, we are victorious through Him, and nothing should concern us. Before assaulting you, the devil examines the following:

1. Your belief in the existence of God

Before attacking you, Satan will always try to perplex you with what you already know to be true. Because he was the son of God, he urged Jesus to change the stone into bread. Satan is always curious as to whether you truly believe and comprehend your God or whether you are simply saying what you don’t comprehend.

You must believe in God and be convinced that He holds all power and is the Mighty One.

2. Your knowledge of the Bible

In the Bible, Satan is described as an ancient snake. He knew the Bible, which is why he used passages to test Jesus. He can seduce you with God’s word, and if you don’t comprehend, you’ll be vulnerable to his attacks. As a Christian, you must correctly understand the Bible through the Holy Spirit’s ministry. Don’t assume Satan is ignorant of the Bible.

3. Whether or not you are in a position of authority

In James 4:7, the Bible says, “Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” God has all power in heaven and on earth, so if you want to defeat Satan, you must surrender to Him and submit to His authority. When Jesus healed people and cast out demons, he did it via the power of the Holy Spirit, which means he was acting under God’s authority. Don’t go up against Satan by yourself; you’ll need the help of a higher power.

4. Your spiritual well-being

Some people’s spiritual lives are dead; if you don’t pray, read the Bible, and live a righteous life, the devil will attack you. Why? Spiritual warfare is fought in the same way as the army fights terrorism. We must pray, read the Bible, and live moral lives to overcome the devil when he tries to attack us at any moment, much as the army practices and has a routine that keeps them fit to be ready if there is an attack at any time…S££ MOR£••

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