3 Signs That God Is Punishing You For Your Wrong Doings

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God adores us in the same manner that our parents adore us. When we do something wrong, God has the power to punish us in the same manner as our parents do. You are going through a painful path because you did wrong things. Some people feel horrible when they are disciplined by God, not realizing that they are the ones who offended Him in the first place. God used to punish the children of Israel when they broke his rules and commandments. The signs that God is punishing you for your wrongdoings are as follows.

1. You are plagued by a sense of guilt.

Guilt is one of how God punishes individuals who have done evil. Being plagued by guilt is the most unpleasant sensation that no one wants to experience. As a result, you will be forced to seek forgiveness. You might confess so that you can have peace of mind.

2. You begin to bear the repercussions of your actions.

He is the God of Justice, and He will never allow anyone off the hook for wrongdoing. God adores us and desires only the best for us. When you do something wrong, you will begin to suffer the repercussions since He is always watching what we do. The negative impact of your actions will haunt you so long as you are alive. This might lead you to die early through unexplained circumstances.00

3. Every action you take backfires.

This is always one of the punishments that God will employ to punish someone who has wronged others. You will be struggling but you won’t become successful in life. You could end up hurting yourself by wrongdoing to your loved ones. This is a definite indication that you are being punished by God. As a result, you should repent and seek forgiveness….S££ MOR£•••

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