If You Notice These Five Signs In Your Life, God Wants You To Serve Him

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1. Inner Calling.

One of the signs that God wants you to serve Him is a deep inner calling or conviction within your heart. You may feel a strong desire to dedicate your life to God and make a difference in the lives of others. This calling is often accompanied by a sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment when you align your life with God’s will.

2. Spiritual Gifts.

Another sign is the presence of spiritual gifts or talents that equip you for service. God equips each believer with unique abilities to contribute to the building of His Kingdom. These gifts may include leadership, teaching, compassion, discernment, or other talents that can be used to serve others and spread God’s love.

3. Confirmation from Others.

Sometimes, God uses other people to confirm His calling on your life. You may receive encouragement, affirmation, or even prophetic words from fellow believers, pastors, or spiritual mentors who recognize your gifts and see the potential in you to serve God in a specific capacity.

4. Open Doors.

God often opens doors of opportunity when He wants you to serve Him. You may find unexpected opportunities, invitations, or circumstances that align with your passion for serving God. These open doors can be seen as divine guidance, directing towards the areas where God wants you to invest your time, energy, and resources.

5. Fruitfulness and Impact.

When you serve God, you will bear fruit and make a positive impact on the lives of others. You may witness transformed lives, healed relationships, or the spread of God’s love and truth through your service. This fruitfulness and impact are indicators that you are walking in alignment with God’s purposes and that He wants you to continue serving Him…..Sée Móre

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