Things You Put In Your Wallet That Make You Lose Money

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To have money or attract it in abudance you need to respect it. By knowing things to keep and not keep in your wallet to attract money. There are things you keep in your wallet that makes you lose or not attract money.

Money is everything in this lifetime. They say money can’t buy you happiness but is sure stressful not having any. Money buys you everything essential for survival such as food, shelther, water, clothes, mecidines and so on.

Knowing how to treat and use your money is important. Money is not easy to get you have to work hard for it that why some people would even kill just to have money and all the dark things all in the name of money.

Things you don’t need in your wallet

Below is the list of all the things you should never keep in your Wallet, if you want to attract and make more money.

1. old wallet

Using an old tirn wallet is not ideal if you want to attract money. As mentioned above money needs to be respected, beautiful nice wallet ain’t ideal.

It is not about what you put inside but the outside also matters. Having an old wallet just makes you lose money instead of attracting it. Even if it’s your grandma or you have some sentimental reasons for keeping it.

2. Empty Wallet

money wallet should never be empty, no matter how bad the month is. Keep atleast one bank note and some silver coins. Money attracts money.

Money goes where there is money. Make sure you have money on your wallet.

3. Torn banknote

Why would you keep money you can’t use or has no use? Remove it from your wallet, it will make you lose money.

4. Receipt

Some people have this crazy habits of keeping receipts in their wallets. I mean receipts represents used money, it’s gone and they have no value so why store them in your wallet.

5. Expired cards

Expired card no longer work, they won’t go back to being new. Just throw them away thry won’t work ever again.

6. Weapons

It is never ideal to keep sharp weapons in your wallet. They have bad vibes and surely won’t help you attract money.

7. Medicine- medicines attracts illnesses……Víéw Móré

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