Cow Dung Removes Many Types Of Problems, Know It’s Benefits

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You undoubtedly know that desi cow dung is created from the feces of cows. The benefits of this cow manure, however, will remain a secret from you. Cow manure conceals many such benefits. We have no idea. All of them are also considered crucial in Ayurvedic medicine. Also, major ailments are treated with its urine. Studies conducted in the United States have confirmed that desi cow dung is an effective treatment. Some of its advantages will be discussed today.

Cow dung rubbed on a bite from a barb, mosquito, fly, or spider and then bound with a paste is said to be effective. Take this two or three times a day to lessen the poison’s effects and feel better.

If you have epilepsy, try making a tea out of filtered water and ash from dried cow dung. Filtering the water and drinking it can help with epilepsy.

If you have intestinal worms, you should dilute one teaspoon of cow dung white ash in a glass of water and strain it through a cloth. If the patient drinks this water first thing in the morning and last thing at night for three days, he or she will feel better.

Cow dung should be dried and burned to get rid of scabies and itching. Butter from one cow should be washed 100 times. The next step is to add 25 grams of ashes to the butter and store it away. Also, use it whenever itching occurs; it will help.

If you’re having trouble walking because of heel pain, do this: stand for 10 minutes every morning before sunrise with your heel in a pile of fresh cow dung. (Fresh, hot dung is preferred.) In a few days, you won’t feel any pain anymore…………….Víéw Móré

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