Reasons Why Couples Should Stop Using Saliva, Vaseline, Soap As Lubricant During Intimacy

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Lubricants are substances people or couples use during lovemaking to get the best satisfaction with their partner. But research shows that people now use anything they like that is oily without minding the health complication of the item.

Things like oil, Vaseline, saliva etc. The use of lubricant during lovemaking is not wrong, but when you start using other substances, mostly as a woman, it becomes risky to your health.

And such things can lead to infection or other health complications.

Here Are Reasons Why Couples Should Stop Using Saliva, Soap, Vaseline As Lubricant During Intimacy. 

1. Saliva. 

About 30% of people, mostly youths, like using saliva when making love with their partner. They think saliva is a good lube or a natural alternative.

But such a habit can cause health complications or infection, mostly when used on a woman. There are high chances your woman can contract STD in the process. The research also shows people who use saliva as lube during love making could spread yeast infection or gonorrhea. It is best you use lubricant saliva, it is very risky and has a high chance of infections.

2. Vaseline.

Vaseline is more popular in use for lovemaking. Some people use it to replace lubricant, but the truth is that it does not do the job of lubricant. Vaseline is made to be used outside the body skin, not inside. Some properties might be harmful or lead to infection if it enters your body in excess.

Using Vaseline as lube can expose your body to bacteria, mostly for women. Women who are still at the age of having children should try everything in their possible best to avoid the use of Vaseline as a lube during lovemaking.

3. Soap.

Soap is used for washing or bathing, it is not supposed to be used as a lubricant in any way. It contains preservative and perfumes, and such things can cause skin irritation in a woman if applied in the genitals always. Stop the use of soap during lovemaking, it is dangerous to your health. It is better you get a lubricant.…..S££ MOR£

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