3 Reasons Why Commercial Planes Avoid Using The Reverse Thrust While On Ground

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Have you ever observed how commercial planes are pushed backwards in the airport when the need arises? Have you ever wondered why it can’t make use of the reverse thrust and move backward while on the ground like other vehicles do using their reverse gears? As an aircraft that is powered and propelled forward by thrust produced from engines, it uses a different method to move back, unlike cars, buses, or trucks that are equipped with traction on their gears for transmission of power from the engines to the wheels and shaft to move forward or backward.

In this article, I want to share with you some reasons why commercial planes avoid using reverse thrust while on the ground.

When an aircraft needs to move backward for one reason or another, a system of reverse thrust is used. The thrust generated by the engine is made to flow in the forward direction only, as opposed to the backward movement that pushed the plane forward. However, airlines avoid using this system for the following reasons:

1. It makes the plane burn a lot of fuel. The airline industry does all they can to manage fuel consumption, and since an aircraft needs to carry a sufficient amount of fuel to sustain it throughout its flight, other methods are used to push it backwards from the gate when needed.

2. The process releases a lot of noise. Trying to use the reverse thrust will cause the engine to redirect the flow of air in the opposite direction, and this will cause the engines to work with greater power to make this happen. This will create a lot of noise that will affect the airport’s surroundings.

3. It can damage the plane’s engines. Most airliners do not engage in this act of backward movement because of the need to protect the engines of their aircraft. When activated, the whole system generates so much heat and power that it is capable of damaging important parts of the plane.

Note: Not all aircraft have a reverse thrust built into them. However, jets and other airplanes come with this system and only make use of it when necessary……S££ MOR£

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