See The Only African Country That Export Military Weapons To US and EU, See Photos

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According to DPD magazine, South Africa’s armaments industry has advanced to the point where it can now meet 95 per cent of the country’s domestic military requirements.

After the UN placed a weapon embargo on the country, the Apartheid administration invested extensively in locally made firearms. It has facilitated the growth of a weapons industry capable of exporting a diversified range of weapons systems to countries with a wide range of military requirements.

In the first quarter of 2021, the South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee approved 137 export permits to 42 nations. South Africa exports at least a third of its armaments to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Local defence businesses rely heavily on exports to the Gulf and North Africa for revenue. South Africa is the only country in the world that has developed nuclear weapons and has freely surrendered them.

The wide range of weapons and combat systems includes transport and attack helicopters, assault rifles, fighter jets, armoured vehicles, battle tanks, navy vessels, missiles, military robots. The country exports air defence systems, submarine warfare weapons, sensors, satellites and ships to the United States and most of the European countries.

According to the survey, a large number of countries still seek locally produced weapons under certain situations. Large-calibre artillery has been delivered to Germany, France, and Egypt, most notably the G5 and G6 Howitzers.

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