See How Israel Is Producing Artificial Rainfall On Desert For Extensive Farming (Photos)

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According to the DRM magazine, cloud seeding is a sort of weather manipulation that tries to influence the amount or type of precipitation that falls by spreading a chemical into the air that alters the microphysical processes within the cloud. It’s used to either increase or avoid precipitation depending on the activities being carried. Chemicals released by aircraft aid in the production of ice particles that will condense over time. They grow heavy enough such that they can not be held any more than fall as precipitation when they cool


Instruments that emit electric charge can be used to impart an electric charge to air molecules. Infrared laser pulses are also used to stimulate sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere to create seed particles. This method is expensive but effective in the long run because no chemicals are used.

By modifying the normal formation of clouds, this method aids in the augmentation of precipitation, the suppression of hail, the dissipation of fog, and the decrease of lightning. Israel has turned to cloud seeding to produce rain in the face of searing heat, water shortages, and drought.

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