History Of Katagwan, The Giant Hunter Who Can Separate Thousands Of People From Fighting

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Katagwan was a giant, a hunter, a warrior, and a civil right defender, Dusai was his home, He was so tall he could separate thousands of people fighting just with his hands by pushing them apart. He lived and died in this village.


He had a house and family. They remnants of his family are called the Kagwan clan. To prove that Katagwan was a civil right defender and believe on equal rights and justice; he taught his people how to practice equal right and justice in this manner; if hunters shoot an animal with their poisonous arrows, and there was an argument on who first hit the animal. Katagwan will stretch his long arm and pick the animal and drop it at the house of the right person that first shoots the animal for them to share when they return.

The stream that passes through Dusai land, when it over flows its banks in the rainy season, he will stretch his long arm to serve as a bridge for his people to cross to the other side for farming.

Katagwan had his footprints, that of his dog, and the mark of his spear on the following hills to mark his hunting zones and his kingdom. These footprints are on these hills;

Aduwo Shuwai at Agban, Kagoro

Dusai, Kagoro

Afan Takad, in Takad chiefdom

Rahama Hills in Chawai chiefdom

Afan Atyap in Atyap chiefdom

Afan Adan in Wadon, Bajju chiefdom

FootPrints of Katagwan

Katagwan never drank water from any source other than his specific source of water known as UDONG KATAGWAN, this is an underground source of water in a little cave on the foot of the hills.

Due to his size, he could not sleep in their types of houses at that time; instead, he used a cave on top of the hill as his bedroom.

Finally, he dug his grave by himself. The prints which he used to bring out the earth are marked on his grave. At his terminal illness, he went into his grave and lay in it and gave up his ghost. His people then covered the grave and gave him all the death rituals he deserved. He was greatly honoured by his people, neighbours and all well wishers and also a great legend…..S££ MOR£

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