” I Went To Sleep Over At A Friend’s Place And I Heard Something Tiny Opening My Bed Covers

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Oratilwe told a story of how scared he was when he went to sleep at a friend’s place. He still thinks praying helped chase away a tiny creature that wanted to sleep with him that night. He heard something opening his bed covers and held him from the back but he couldn’t move. All he did was pray and it dissappeared.

” I went to sleep at a friend’s place, and in the middle of the night I heard something opening the bed covers. It joined me in bed and held me tight from the back. I couldn’t move, but I started praying and managed to shake it off.” He said.

” Last month I slept on the couch, in my dream I saw a white kid coming towards me and the kid strangled me. I prayed even in a language I didn’t recognise. When i woke up my neck was sore and my arms were numb.” Said @Princy_m3…..S££ MOR£

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