See 10 Deadly Russian Weapons That Are Feared By US And NATO

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According MilitaryTimes magazine, there many types of deadly weapons that are in use in Russia. Today I’m showing you top 10 dangerous weapons.

1. Pantsyr S1

It is used to counter American A-10 and Ah-64 attack aircraft. It is able to auto load guns and missiles. This aircraft uses radars, electro-optical and infrared sensors to detect and engage targets and shoot them down.

2. Krasukha and Richag-AV Electronic Warfare System

It is designed for offensive and electronic warfare. It is used to jam enemy drones, AWACS, reconnaissance aircraft, and satellites thus disrupting enemy communication. It also collect data about enemy radars passively.

3. Admiral Gorshkov

It uses radar to search and track aerial and surface targets as well as provide guidance to the SAMS. It is able to engage in surface, underwater, aerial and land targets.

4. Koalitsiya Howitzer

This tank has powerful guns that shoot targets that are 30 kilometers away.

5. Kirov Class Battlecruiser

It is capable of sinking US navy carriers using its long-range cruise missiles. It is nuclear-powered and has latest electronic and surface to air missiles, which have a 100 km range and provide area air defence.

6. Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles

It is used to sink large warships because of its 300 kg warhead and high speed of Mach 2.5-3 which allow it to penetrate most air defence systems with ease. It is capable of being launched from ships, submarines, aircrafts and trucks.

7. Sukhoi 30/34/35 series

It was developed to America’s counter F-15s and F-35s. The main strengths of these fighters are their exceptionally long range and large payloads.

8. Tu-160 and Tu-22M3

It posses long-range strategic bombers and fly at supersonic speed.

9. S-400 Air Defence System

It is used to provide lethal air defense system. It detect, track and engage stealth fighters, bombers, cruise missiles, UAVs and ballistic missiles.

10. Nuclear weapons

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