See The Only African Country That Can Defeat Israel In Conventional Warfare (Photos)

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On November 15, 2021, Israel granted the Egyptian military more control over the border area of the Sinai Peninsula. The pact allows Egypt to deploy more soldiers along the border. Their relations remained frigid, limited to security cooperations and limited economic ties.

In extremely difficult circumstances, even limited conventional conflict may arise between Israel and Egypt. It spends more than $10 billion on defence, and the United States provide assist the country’s armed forces, often trading at a face value of $1.3 billion. The agreement helps Egypt fulfil its commitment to the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. It obliges Egypt not to attack Israel or threaten its sovereignty and stability.

Egypt ranks 9th out of 140 countries considered for the annual CFP review, while Israel ranks 20th. Global Fire Power rates it at 0.2216 which is considered the first perfect place in Africa and the second in the Middle East for military strength. Egypt is ahead of Israel in terms of labour. It has 43 million capable people who can be called to fight should war break out.

Egypt has 450,000 active soldiers while Israel has 269,000. The EAF Army could inflict significant casualties on the IDF Army due to overwhelming numbers from Egypt. The country’s Air Force ranks eighth in the world with 250 combat aircraft and 304 military helicopters. It has dedicated fighter jets, 50 transport jets and 11 special training jets It uses Rafale, F-16 and Sukhoi fighters from the US, China, France and Russia while Israel only uses US fighter jets.

The Egyptian army ranks sixth in the world in terms of ground equipment with 3,735 tanks and 11,000 armoured vehicles. It has 1,165 self-propelled artillery and 1,235 rocket projectors. Egypt ranks seventh in the world in terms of naval fleets. It has 316 warships including eight submarines, 50 patrol boats and 23 specialised mine vessels……….S££ MOR£

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