The Driest Place In Africa Is Not Sahara Desert, See The Place (photos)

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According to JSR magazine, Namib is a coastal desert in Southern Africa, according to BDP magazine. It spans across more than 20,000 kilometres along with Angola’s, Namibia’s, and South Africa’s Atlantic coasts. It steadily rises in altitude, reaching up to 200 kilometres inland to the Great Escarpment’s foot. On the Plateau atop the escarpment, the southern section merges with the Kalahari desert. It is thought to be 55 million years old and has landscape features similar to those found on Mars.

Namib is Namibia’s sole real desert, with annual precipitation ranging from 2mm in the most parched sections to 200mm above the escarpment. It is one of the world’s oldest deserts, with some of the driest locations on the planet. Some of the sand songs are 300 meters tall and 32 kilometres long. Some years there is no rain at all, and there are up to 180 days of fog per year. This is due to the collision of cool air from the offshore Benguela Current with hot air from the parched interior.

Because of iron oxide particles, the sand of many dunes exhibits a rich crimson colour. Mineral resources abound in the desert, including copper, zinc, gold, and uranium reserves.

The Namib Desert is a country of ghosts, vast and unforgiving. Wrecks of ships stranded in the morning sea fogs can be found along a well-known stretch of shoreline. As a result, Namibia is one of the world’s least populous countries.……….See More

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