See African Country Where People Exhume Dead Bodies Of Their Relatives To Dance With Them (Photos)

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On the Madagascar plateau the bodies of the dead are exhumed from their tombs and brought out for a day celebrations which, with singing and dancing renders homage to their dead. The remains are taken from the tomb, carried in a shoulder high to the sound of music and then wrapped in a sheet of silk and satin.

According to malagacy belief, human being is not made of earth but of the ancestral bodies. And according to faith, the ancestors have not left the world of the living before they are completely decomposed. Until then, they communicate with the dead and families tell them how it goes in the world of the living.

According to them, death is not the end. The spirits want to return to earth, every so often. Buried in family graves, the dead are cold and bored, and they miss their families.

The reunion brings together all generations of the family including those who have already passed on. Hundreds of the people from well-dressed men and women to barefoot babbling infants..……….S££ MOR£

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